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Steps for the Future

Steps for the Future is a challenging, provocative and unconventional collection of films and outreach programme dealing with the crisis of HIV & AIDS in Southern Africa. From seven different countries of the Southern African region comes a unique collection of positive, brave and unusual stories about how individuals are confronting their lives and societies are changing under the impact of HIV/AIDS. The films form part of a media-advocacy campaign which promotes debate and discussion around HIV/AIDS related topics such as disclosure, discrimination, treatment and living positively. These unconventional stories celebrate the strength of the people who share and reflect on their experiences of HIV/AIDS. Steps for the Future not only challenges fear and stigmatisation with stories of hope, but also dismantles discrimination and ignorance by cultivating tolerance and promoting the belief that actually, life is a beautiful thing.


WATCH NOW – Music Activists, a participatory film that follows John Chiti, the first person with albinism to step into the limelight in Zambia. As a well known musician he uses his music to promote inclusion of people with disabilities. This documentary follows John in Livingstone as he teams up with the local Deaf choir. Together they practice his new song for a public performance which advocates for inclusion. The song promotes the message: “It’s just the colour, just the body. You and I are just the same.” The film also shows the personal challenges which people with disabilities face in their daily lives. This unique group of young people uses the power of music to highlight that disability is not an inability.

Language: English, Nyanja, Bemba with English subtitles

Location: Livingstone, Zambia 

Length: 25:24

Year: 2017

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