Why Poverty

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Why Poverty

Why Poverty? uses documentary film to get people talking about poverty. The collection is made up of eight long films and thirty-four shorts by award-winning filmmakers, as well as new and emerging talents. The stories, originating from twenty-eight countries, are moving and thought-provoking as they tackle big issues and pose challenging questions.

It has been said that, in this century, we have the tools and potential to overcome extreme poverty. But poverty persists, and the gap between the poor and the wealthy continues to widen. The demographics of poverty are also changing, with new poverty emerging in the North and new wealth emerging in the previously poorer South. Poverty and inequality is global, and the causes for its continued existence are largely structural. The long films explore these structural causes, whether they are tax evasion by multinational companies, lack of land rights for the poor, unequal access to health care, or gender imbalance. The short films provide glimpses into people’s lives as they try to deal with poverty and inequality.

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